Preparing corporate and business tax returns is a rather large undertaking by business owners.  It will most often leave most business owners with far more questions than answers. According to the US Government General Accounting Office’s research, last year, most taxpayers (approximately 54,670,000 taxpayers) acknowledged that having a professional who specialized in business accounting prepare and file their business tax returns was extremely beneficial.

Since filing a relatively simple return can be difficult to accomplish, with the current and ever changing tax laws, it is no doubt that business accounting and filing business returns are even more confusing. There are far too many deductions and credits that businesses and corporations are often eligible for that get easily skipped due to unintentional oversight.  Computer software programs are unable to compensate for not having a professional who is well versed in business accounting taking care of this overwhelming task.  Whether we like it or not, there is just no substitute for a corporate or business accounting professional!

Here is what you will receive…

  • Because your business accounting will be in the right hands, your tax return will go through a series of checks and balances by your business accounting specialist, and then again by our software which goes through and identifies potential problems the IRS may choose to look at more closely and reviews the calculations to limit the amount of contact your business will have with the IRS.
  • Your business accounting specialist will file your tax return electronically, speeding up the amount of time it will take for your to get your refund.
  • An important aspect of business accounting is limiting tax liability for future years, and to do this we will show you potential deductions, credits, and possibilities for next year. But we won’t just tell you what some possibilities are, we will give you a fact sheet of your own containing commonly overlooked deductions to further lower the following year’s tax liability.

Badly need some bookkeeping? No Problem!

Do you own a small or large business and just haven’t gotten your bookkeeping under control yet?  Do not worry. We can and will help you. In addition to providing you with the best possible business accounting services, we also offer thorough and accurate bookkeeping services.  We’ll get your books in order for the year, compile a full Schedule C, and even go further in preparing and filing your personal return. We will even help you establish a custom tailored and easy to follow system that helps you keep your books in perfect order for the years to come.

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